Below is our initial 2012 Yoga lineup.
More teachers and partnering yoga studios tba soon!

KK Ledford

KK is a Certified Anusara® yoga teacher who grew up in the forests of East Texas and is currently based in San Francisco. She began studying extensively with her teacher John Friend in Houston and has been teaching Anusara since 1998. Her ongoing and extensive studies in Kashmir Shaivism and Neelakantha meditation are with her teacher Paul Muller-Ortega.

KK has devoted 18 years of study to yogic arts and the mysteries of consciousness, and brings to her


Ananda & Lakshmi

Ananda & Jaya Lakshmi: Shakti Meets Bhakti Yoga

Jaya Lakshmi has practiced Hatha yoga regularly for over 16 years, diving into Anusara yoga since 2007, and practicing Kundalini yoga daily since she partnered with Ananda in November 2010.  Long immersed in the devotional mood of bhakti yoga, she has been leading kirtan on harmonium and guitar since 1992 and has made four solo albums on Sequoia Records. She is also known as the lead singer and songwriter…


Forest Schrodt

Omqar Yoga is a hybridized super yoga that lovingly guides you to ways to tap into the infinite energy around you. Learn to use the Torus Flow Sacred Geometry of our body’s to prana surf ones way into the future. Our body, mind and emotions are the highest form of technology that we have available to us right now and by using breath and movement techniques we can embody the vital rhythm of life and our important role as…


April Martin

April Martin Yoga Teacher: Truth: April is way too rajasic – a fireball of energy racing at light speed to that space, that place, where she is floating, free of body, free of mind, aware of all, knowing of all, and at peace with all. April, STOP. Breathe. That space, that place will always be. So enjoy the journey. Five deep breaths. Count them, slowly. Sit, breathe and be…. Yoga. April Martin is a graduate of the North Carolina…


Amy Cooper

Hatha Yoga with Amy Cooper: I emphasize breath and alignment, mindfulness, and moving from the inner body experience; facilitating each student to develop a sense of empowered freedom in relating to their body and mind. Drawing on ancient yogic teachings & Buddhist practice, I weave a creative, invigorating yet calming, centering yet spacious exploration of Self through Asana.

BIO:Practicing yoga since 1979 and teaching since 1981, Amy received her certification from the Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco and is…


Allowah Lani

Allowah Lani has been a student of philosophy and world spirituality since his early teens, and a Yoga student for the past 16 years. He holds a BA and an MA (in Philosophy and Liberal Arts) from the University of Pennsylvania, and from 1997-2001 did post-graduate work in Kabbalah and Yoga at New York University. He is registered as an eRYT 200 through Yoga Alliance, and also earned a 300-hour certification through Dr. David Frawley’s American Institute of Vedic…


Lauren “pixie” DuBois

Lauren “pixie” DuBois,  is a Holistic health practitioner, “massage therapist, yoga teacher, whole body wellness guide.  Lauren’s intention  in life is to compassionately  provide holistic healing tools and healthy habits so we can live in pure joyful vibrant presence. Lauren’s love of the human body has inspired her to study the many ways to healthy and happily in our bodies.  She is trained in a  full spectrum  of healing modalities. (over 2,000 hours of training, in …Thai massage…


Krista Holland

Yoga & Living Arts: Krista has had a lifelong passion for the movement and healing arts. She was first introduced to Eastern philosophy, mysticism and various practices of      meditation at an ashram in India at the age of twelve. Inspired by seeing her mother’s Ashtanga yoga practice, she began practicing hatha yoga in 1989. Her yoga practice has been nurtured and guided by many wonderful teachers branching from the Sri T. Krishnamacharya lineage. Krista has completed four…


Amanda Hamilton

Amanda is a Yogini, Kirtan leader, world traveller, healer, artist, activist/ activator, and teacher. Amanda’s classes are a fun dynamic mixture of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Pranayama (breath work), meditation, and freedom style movements all done in the spirit of Bhakti Yoga (a devotional practice centered on love, gratitude, and compassion). Classes are about burning away what no longer serves us so we may better cultivate a loving and fulfilling relationship with self/source/ spirit. Amanda’s journey into yoga began after…



Intro to Ashtanga Yoga with Olga: Olga is certified yoga instructor and teaches Ashtanga style Yoga as well as Hatha Flow.
She has been experienced  the bliss of yoga for the last 8 years in
different styles (Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga) and  shares her devotion to ancient  practice which is the tool  that opens up the physical and mental binds that block your  potential, limiting your  life. During her miraculous journey to India in 2008, she was…


Moana Diamond

Core Elation: A movement exploration of Pilates, Kundalini yoga and more!
 Discovering the pelvic floor and all that encompasses working from
core. Starting with micro movement, moving on to elements of
Pilates, Chi-Gung and yoga traveling on to world dance, martial 
arts and elements of jazz, modern and Latin. Moving from center, from
 the smallest small to the largest leap, moving with breath, balance
and ease from center. Please bring a yoga mat.
Moana studied modern dance at Martha Graham and…


Daniel Levy

HuManDalas – Sacred Geometry Embodiment:  Join us as we activate portals of our unified intentions for personal and planetary healing. Acknowledge and feel the beauty that we are, when we consciously connect as one collective unit, and learn to charge ourselves and each other with these universal healing vibrations. Come and learn about the sacred geometries of time and space by creating these beautiful and significant forms with our connected bodies, movement, sound and intention. This is an activity…


Jed Pennell

Sadhana Vinyasa: Although grounded in classical yoga; with a base of meditation and a classical sivananda sequence, my classes are unique in the use of shamanic embodiment of archetypes, intuitive flows, and even laughter yoga seemlessly infused. Another distinguishing atribute is the use of mantras, chakras, mudras, bandas, and a spiritual lesson massaged throughout each session. BIO: Jed has been teaching for over 6 years and offering teacher trainings at School Yoga Institute. Jed has chosen to follow his…


Sita Devi

Modern Yoga Accompanied by DJ Craig Kohland Shamans Dream Modern Yoga is a unique practice Sita created from years of contemporary dance and practicing yoga extensively. It is a fusion of Hatha Yoga and Contemporary Modern dance. This combination produces a fun, innovative way to practice yoga and introduces elements of dance allowing the practitioner to find a groovy flow within the practice. Class begins with an opening meditation and pranayama(breathing exercise) to get centered. We then move into…


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