Workshops Bios for 2012!

Jeet-Kei Leung

Transformational Festivals & The New Evolutionary Culture: From early roots in rave culture, a new breed of transformational festivals has evolved as a potent phenomenon playing a profound role in hundreds of thousands of people’s lives. Blossoming internationally and all over the west coast, these festivals have taken the time-honoured ritual of ecstatic dance back to its natural origins and built around them richly co-created, cutting-edge realities that give their participants the lived glimpse of a very possible future–one…


The Q’ero Indians

“Andean Cosmovision and the 5th Sun” presented by the International Q’eros Foundation: The Q’ero Indigenous People are the direct descendants of the high priests of the INKA who still live in the traditional style near Mt. APU HUAMANALIPA at 18,000 feet in the Andes, near QOSQ’O (Cuzco, Peru). They are the last remaining INKA, having fled to the high Andes when the Conquistadores invaded Perú in the mid 1500s and have survived with their cultural and spiritual traditions intact,…


Jamaica Jai Ma Stevens

Embodied Leadership – Empowering your Purpose: Each one of us is born with innate capacity to be a leader~ to boldly step forward into the uncharted territory of life and blaze trails into the future. As we redefine what leadership means in new paradigm thinking, we expand the realm of possibilities for living as sovereign beings. Join Jamaica Jai Ma Stevens, Founder of Tribal Convergence and the Convergence Network as we explore. BIO: Jamaica Jai Ma Stevens is the…


Jamie Janover

“Crossing the Event Horizon”, the unified field theory of Nassim Haramein.  Have you ever wondered about how the universe works? How we fit in? Have you experienced the micro-macro dynamics of existence, or sensed it? Do you feel, or instinctually know that everything truly is “all one”? Or felt that science has been looking in the wrong direction? Focusing on exclusive material particles, rather than inclusive fundamental principles? Where is the cohesion in the chaos? Have you ever wondered…


Dr Joe Marshalla

The Six Fold Path ~ Aligning with the 2012 Transition: This 2-hour presentation by Dr. Joe Marshalla represents his latest work and discoveries concerning the quintessential understandings we must have in order to align ourselves with the planetary transformation and transition we are experiencing on Earth. Based on 30 years of research and observation, this practical approach to the alignment with our true nature is unlike anything else being presented today. Within these two hours, you will be shown new…


Samantha Sweetwater

Dancing Freedom: You are the power, the presence and the love of god. You ARE the WAY. Join us for this powerful dance ceremony to fully awaken and empower the divine human blueprint in each of us. Activate your Light Body in ecstatic, somatic & shamanic cycles of dance, breath, rhythm & active imagination. Empower abundance, wellness and enlightenment in every cell. Embrace and elevate your shadow AS your light. Release doubt, blame, separation and fear. Anchor heaven on…


D’vora Swarzman

Thai Massage Playshop – D’vorah Swarzman, LMT Thai Massage involves the applied practice of Loving kindness through various Bodywork techniques. Thai massage was practiced and popularized by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, physician to The Buddha, more than 2,500 years ago in India. It is also described as Thai yoga massage because the therapist uses his or her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches with deep tissue pressure. Show up wearing loose comfortable…


Chris Berry: Drum & Dance!

Chris Berry is not only offering Africa Drum & Dance at this yearʻs gathering but also facilitating our Drum & Dance Camp! Heʻll be inviting some drummers to showcase a few different traditions. Chris founded an established Drum & Dance camp Bana-kuma which means sacred altering. His camp has hosted & taught 100s of students who come back year after year.

This year Chris will lead drumming & Dance playshops everyday usually at 11:00 AM – 1:00 and those…


Shamanatrix Missy Galore

 Chakra Fluff Galactavation *  Chakra Fluff Cathedral  * MC Magick * WildFlower Mantras with the Genie *   

My name is Missy Galore, I’m a Shamanatrix…Here to elevate the matrix…. Hot magma I rock the plate tech~tonics, my chronic is getting it done for pleasure evolution and luvAlution solutions

Get ready to fluff : fluff your good stuff with me and your bad fluff too ~ ~cause fluffin is here to help move thru ~ all those elements that do…


Shanti Shivani

Shanti Shivani (aka Frances Maffey) is a singer/nada yogini/sound healer, internationally acclaimed seminar leader and recording artist. She brings a wealth of vocal, meditative and movement experience to her classes. Since 1981, Shanti has been the disciple of the esteemed Dagar family, masters of Dhrupad, the most ancient style of Hindustani Classical Music.  Shivani spent 8 years in India studying and practicing Shaivism and Tibetan Buddhism along with her Dhrupad studies. She also studied various forms of movement disciplines and


Victoria Bliss & Gray Jeffery

Victoria Bliss
has been a teacher of manifesting, trusting &
transforming life experiences for over 18 years. She has lead
Workshps, Retreats and private sessions all over the world. Many have
experienced deep healing through EFT, the Deeksha Blessing and
teachings of Quantum Physics. She has been given the title by many as
the “Manifestation Queen”. She teaches ways to create a life that
embraces life with joy, fun, love, play, and…


Shelley Sage Heart

Flower Mandala Ceremony .  The purposes of the Flower Mandala Ceremony is to create a CONSCIOUS act of Beauty, reconnecting us with our creativity, and our relationship with the beauty of the natural world!

This will be a collective interactive “Living Love Prayer” for Mother Earth, an Act of Beauty, and a symbolic expression of our interconnection with all that is.

Everyone is encouraged to participate and to bring Supplies and Offerings

Offerings could include:

Flowers, Plants, Leaves,…


Tenasi Rama

Thrival Technologies – “Power to the People!”  w/ Tenasi Rama
As the current “corporate energy scarcity paradigm” crumbles with a last gasp of expansion threatening the destruction and contamination of earth’s bio-sphere, humanity is on the threshold of a clean-energy revolution.

Join Tenasi Rama, co-founder of ThrivalTech, for a tour into the “future is now” water-splitting and vortex-plasma technologies that will allow our species to THRIVE in harmony with the living earth.

While many people have heard of the mysterious…


Jacia Kornwise

Sweat Your Prayers at Mystic Garden Gathering. Come dance a 5 rhythms wave . The rhythm of flowing will seduce you back into your body and invite you into an inquiry of listening and recieving guidance. Stacchato will bring you into your heart, your rhythm, your beat of truth pouring through you. Chaos will invite you to let go of your mind and open to that which is larger and coming from the whole unified field. Release and let…


Deborah Dove

Mandala Partner Yoga, Flying Yoga, Deborah Dove is passionate about supporting healthy systems on the personal, interpersonal and planetary levels. She is a yoga teacher, massage therapist, Reiki Master, evolutionary coach, transformational journey facilitator, entertainment lawyer and harmony singer.  Deborah was also recently ordained by Rev. Robin Youngblood to be a Reverend for the Church of the Earth Foundation.

Deborah has been immersing in the world of health & wellness, transformational facilitation, environmental sustainability and regenerative solutions for over a decade. She has been integrally involved with


Karl “Acha Baba”

Shamanic Death and Rebirth Ceremony: Karl “Acha Baba” is a Spiritual teacher and Shaman. He will be guiding participants in a ceremony of shamanic death and rebirth. This practice leads us to make peace with our life history and let go of the inner baggage that weighs on our heart. Come prepared to lie down or sit and envision this is your last day on the planet. You have an opportunity to make peace with your life and everyone who


Know Thyself

Know Thyself: Learning To Live Your Myth In the middle ages, the most important truth was Know Thyself. Today many of us forget about ourselves and our true needs. This is an experiential play shop that utilizes group games, depth psychology, and mythology to allow attendees to come to a greater perspective on how to live their myth. Thus making them happier, healthier and of a greater benefit to the world around them.

Plaedo lives art because his heart…


Ecstatic Forgiveness

Ecstatic Forgiveness with Ana Holub: Many people on the Spirit path are beginning to realize that we can’t have ascension unless we deal with our shadow side. Forgiveness gives us a link between unwinding pain and receiving the delicious grace of the divine. We’ll explore the meanings of forgiveness, and how to do it step-by-step with honesty and compassion. This workshop will be a powerful form of inner yoga, where participants learn to let go of the past and…


Rock Your Play Star!

Are you having amazing intergalactic transformational transmissions? Do they sometimes get all snarled up in your snarfle garfler and have a hard time freely flowing into worldly existence? Come join the creators of “Dance Party Love Bubble Cuddle Snuggle Shwirl” in a somatic play lab of free expression activation. We will explore body, voice, and connection activities that will leave you infused with love bubble vibrations and freely fluteling your flogflippers. Be prepared to let your soul star play…


Destiny White

Avatar Activation Playshop: Experience the art of self-mastery through a simplified technique which blends together sacred movement, yoga, sound vibration, meditation, and compassionate communication and self-counseling techniques. Through honoring the elements of the human form, we begin to unravel our sticky beliefs and unmask our hidden potential. Discover how to master your avatar, to serve not only your soul’s purpose here, but all beings. As you allow your freedom to come alive, you are permissioning freedom for any being…


Andrew Hanuman

Art of Self Mastery Intro to Heart Songs: What happens when you play with the
threads of yoga, play, song, and movement with the wisdom that there is a unified energy field of consciousness permeating this physical
earth and our bodies? You get Fun! In this embodied experience, we plug into what’s alive in the moment, and this allows any places in
us that are stuck or dark to re-integrate easily and enjoy the energy released in that Union!
Andrew has…


Nicole Vanderhoff

Hypno-Chakra Balancing w/ 9 Crystal Bowls: Enjoy a high vibrational Hypno-Chakra Balancing group session with 9 singing crystal bowls! Hypno-Chakra Therapy is a termed coined by Nicole Vanderhoff and is a combination of hypnotherapy, chakra balancing, and sound healing from her 9 singing crystal bowls. The intention is to connect you to your Divinity allowing your Divine Potential to unfold and blossom more fully in your life. As we realize, claim, and utilize our innate Divine Creative Power, we…


Chauncey Quam

Moon Cycles: Taking Control Of Your Fertility A workshop on how to effectively track your own female fertility during your monthly moon cycle. Get informed about how to prevent pregnancy, or to become pregnant, by getting to know your own body. Become empowered by being able track your moon cycle and fertilityusing the science of female reproduction, rather than prescription birth control. Embrace the goddess within yourself! *Men are highly encouraged to attend.

I have been giving this…


Shri Sheri Brinks

Shri has been in the health field since 1990 beginning with body therapies, herbal medicine, Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation. She turned her attention seriously to Chi Nei Tsang in 1997 and trained with master Gilles Marin in Berkeley & Grandmaster Man Tak Chia. Shri has been a certified Chi Nei Tsang practitioner for over 15 years, practices in Sebastopol, Ca & teaches worldwide. She came to this role quit serendipitously through a healing crisis of her own. In response to a case of childhood trauma separation from her family


Sarah Akeylah

Unveiling the Spirit Within: A beautifully inspirational amalgimation of workshop and deep shamanic meditational healing journey. We start by connecting and coming to the same page by talking about the nature of the divine self, creative reality and multidimensional consciousness, continue by sharing tools of connection that could be untilzed on one’s personal journey and end with a guided healing meditation to heal the Inner Child, align with the Ideal Self and connect with the Divine Self. Psychic Grooming…


Ananda Mayalila “Rebirth”

“Rebirth” Embodiment Activation Journey.  A bearer of the light, you have chosen to participate on Planet Earth for the epoch of evolutionary co-creation. Together we restore Peace and Love in the Universe. Ananda Mayalila lovingly requests your presence at a rebirthing transformational ceremony. Dripping in the potency of remembrance, and suckling from the tit of the Divine Mother, receive nourishment, and DNA activation. Hatch and accept access codes to remember the infinite Love that you are with sound and movement sacred geometry and alchemical body transmissions.…


Christopher Campbell

Soul-Life Healing Circle: Dive into a deep communion with your Soul! Connect with the Universal Life Force Energy… Get re-charged… Access clear vision… Explore with your tribe how you will create your life as a more accurate reflection of your inner truth. In this magical and deep workshop, you will learn and practice simple tools to channel higher frequencies of energy into your mind, heart, and body, assisting you to create greater health and happiness in your life. We…


Jeremy Tokat

Heavy Metal Detox: This work shop is designed to help people evaluate there toxicity level and/or environmentally and physically, Than take the safe easy steps to
expunging the metal an pollutants from their body temple. Jeremy Tokat has been healing and learning for many years across many lands, And in his process, has awakened into a deep passion to help facilitate harmony on the planet for all. Jeremy enjoys sharing an
evolving with people, and his experience with detoxing over the…


Forest Berg

Beginning Drumming and Intermediate Drum rhythms: These drum classes will focus on fun! The beginning class will explore technique, easy rhythms, and fun exercises. We’ll explore how to work together in a group setting and include everyone regardless of skill level. Forest Berg has been drumming for over twenty years. His teachers include: Mapathe Diop, Mark Jo Byu, Jared Kaplan, and others. Forest has led workshops through the DrumBus(.com): A drum class on wheels. Forest is dynamic an entertainer,…


Talia Vintzileos

Bellydance for Beginners: Belly dance is an ancient tribal dance with roots all around the cradle of civilization. As it has evolved and grown in popularity, one idea that has remained strong is the sense of community. Together, we humble ourselves in gratitude of our fellow dancers as we create a safe space to explore this tribal movement. This beginning class will emphasize creating a supportive environment as we explore both skeletal and muscular technique in a simple yet…


Tyler William Thurmond

The World Healing Organization presents.  ”So Fresh it’s Ancient” w/ 
Tyler William Thurmond
 Tyler William Thurmond aka TWT aka 1~1 – Multimedia Producer, Researcher, Inventor, Public Speaker, and co-founder of the World Healing Organization.
Over the past 10 years Tyler W. Thurmond has been blessed to travel the globe performing music, doing technological research and exploring psychological perspectives / spiritual paths that allow us to not only harmonize with each other but with our forever ancestors as well.
Tyler has been universally placed


Chandrika Devi “Yogong”

“Yogong” is an emerging movement arts practice based on the ancient sciences of yoga and qi gong as the practical means of self-cultivation leading to the awakening and embodiment of cosmic consciousness, which is nothing other than the unified field of love. Ha~tha yoga being the union of the sun and moon and qi gong the inner work of human being becoming a conscious bridge between Heaven and Earth.

The practice utilizes various techniques both learned through these different…


Marya Stark

Childrens Music and Magic: Marya Stark is a Music Therapist and holds her Masters in Medical Qigong Therapy. She is currently designing an integrated music and magic curriculum for children. She’s going to offer a magical & fun session for the kids integrating music & play!




Kevin Hasher Eyanu

Kevin Hasher Eyanu is the owner of New Earth Gardens, an organic landscape & gardening company that is now specializing in impl ementing s ite-specif ic permacul ture systems . He recently started New Earth Organics, a company producing raw & organic foods containing med icinal herbs. He is the founder of Farmstead 42, a “residential farm” permaculture demonstration site in Nevada City, CA.  He is the primary Trustee of the  ”CommunityShare Association“.

The topic of his talk will be on how anyone can use…


Rising Roots

Permaculture Solutions: This workshop will be an open discussion on how we can work towards sufficiency of basic needs within our local and global communities, to deepen our connection to the earth and all of its creatures. Solutions and techniques such as composting, conscious wildcrafting, and no-till gardening and food production will be explained, and we will share ideas on possible ways to organize and create a society based on mutual aid and reciprocity. Rising Roots is a traveling…


Ashley Keith

Foot Hooping & Acrobatic Hula Hoop Workshop: Are you ready to bring your hula hooping to the next level? In this class we will learn how to master the art of foot hooping. We will begin spinning the hoop on our foot in various positions on the ground. Foot hooping while standing up is the next step and we will practice this with a partner by standing back to back. By the end of class you will have…


Happy Oasis

Being A Blissologist: Join Certified Blissologist, Happy Oasis, for a hilarious, profoundly-sacred, heart-blasting playshop. Embrace the Blissiplines as you: Discover the playful universe of creative queries and inspirational responses, Bedazzle Beloveds with blissful peace & playful intimacy, Enjoy the art of inviting quietude into conversations, Learn which word is the most influential in the English language, how it impacts you, and how you can celebrate it. Happy Heavenly Oasis is the Founder/CVO of Raw Spirit Festival, an educational…


Brady Karlin

Free Universal Nourishment (F.U.N.): Intergral Non-Violence & the GIFT Economy: This workshop is an Introduction to the ethics & principles or Permaculture and how to apply them by living simply and being of service. If you are interested in how to live a more sustainable and regenerative life this workshop includes you and your gifts. If you want to learn about how simplifying your life can help bring you balance with ease while living lightly on the earth…


Sitara Ananda

Unity Dance: Weaving together Ecstatic Dance & Song with Sacred, Activated & Evolutionary Intention, Unity is a deep, divine, healing, energizing, empowering, connecting, bliss-full & celebratory Dance experience infused with inspiration, inquiries and wisdom. With the overarching intention of inspiring Oneness Consciousness & initiating Embodied Comm~Union with the SoulSelf, Others & All That Is you are lightly guided through this in-spirit-ed, free-form, trancen~Dance journey.

Come Dance with the Heart & Soul Tribe comm-Unity which includes YOU! Blending…


Jen Healy



Tom Bright

Ecstatic Contact: In this interactive and dynamic workshop we will show you how to start dancing fluidly with any partner while integrating many styles of movement. Contact Improv, Ecstatic Dance, Partner Fusion and more! Learn to flow to any music – Laugh while you are spun in the air – And feel a deep connection to yourself with ease and joy. Yes! It is time to learn the secrets of Ecstatic Contact. It’s easy, freaky and fun. Tom has…


Misty Burris

For the Creation of Intentional Communities: This workshop is based on a developed, operating plan that will assist people in gathering, aligning and organizing to create communities. Free packet with documents will be provided that can be altered and adjusted for anyone to use. Misty and her family began to create a plan for sustainability and found a desire and aspiration to help others. Misty’s personal background is in marketing and sales and is completing a degree in…



Raven, speaks on the behalf of Ni bero, the eye on the rainforest, a peruvian non profit organization. We have a simple mission of Tierra Vida Benxote, earth life healing.

Raven will start with meditation and then speak a little about what the ni bero is doing.

On Sunday morning @ 10:00 to 11:00  with the “wisdom panel ” before the Water Ceremony  Procession from Mainstage to Lake.


kara bernarda

Kara Bernarda presents: I Know It By Heart: A Glimpse into the Science and Spirituality of Love


Combined with the science of water and ancient wisdom of the mystics, this presentation integrates current research on the intelligence of the heart from the Institute of HeartMath with key concepts and implications from the Unified Field theory of Nassim Haramein and the functioning of the proprioceptive sense of the human nervous system.  Focus will be on practical applications for coping with stress, increasing…


Alan Pratt’s

BIO:  In 1996, psychics began telling Amyon (Alan Pratt) that he would ‘heal the masses’. Three years ago, at an ayahuasca ceremony, his hand began moving and people started lining up. Since then, Amyon has worked with thousands of people, from Mt. Shasta to the Amazon, from Burning Man to Brooklyn, giving away the gift that Spirit has given to him. Search ‘Alan Pratt healing’ on Youtube, and visit

CLASS DESCRIPTION:  Amyon and fellow healers channel…


Mariah Ambika

Mariah Ambika is an Advanced EFT Practitioner, Yoga Instructor and Energy worker (Reiki). She has studied healing practices in Asia and the Western United States.
Much of her learning in the healing arts has come from her own personal healing journey. She teaches a class that involves deep emotional clearing techniques. This class works to clear painful emotional memories stored in the body and mind with a tapping technique that stimulates energy flow (similar to an acupuncture treatment). While tapping the participants are lead through


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