General Event Info

Join us at Lake Selmac!

Come join us on 25 beautiful acres, right at Lake Selmac in Southern Oregon!

This lush “destination festival site” has unlimited canopies of trees for comfortable shade camping, a swimable lake, gentle creek and more! Come find out why many seasoned festival-goers have commented that of all the festival sites they’ve gone to, THIS is their favorite festival site ever! It’s just such a sweet vacationing lake that families go to just to camp & relax by the lake in the summertime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there are Carpooling site set up for easy Ride Share?

Yes! We’ve set up with Ride Amigos. The interactive link is found on our Directions & Rideshare page.

How much are tickets currently?

All 5 Day Camping Passes are $125 until June 21st or 500 are sold at this price, (whichever comes first), $140 until July 17th, $155 at Gate

3 Day Wknd (fri-Sun) Camping Passes are $110 until June 21st or 500 are sold at this price, (whichever comes first), $125 until July 17th, $140 at Gate

Do I have to camp or is there lodging nearby?

There is no lodging in the immediate vicinity of the gathering, so this is a camping-only event.

If youʻre not into the camping experience, there are hotels near the gathering in the closest cities. Cave Junction is the closest town with hotels and Grants Pass is about 40 minutes away with plenty of options as well. There are also a few cabins with limited-availability at the Lake Selmac Resort.

What should I bring for camping?

This is a camping event so bring all your own camping gear and accessories. If you come with an RV or Live-In Vehicle, there will be a designated area for you to park and stay. There is fresh drinking water,  clean showers, a lake for cooling off and plenty of porta-potties.

Is there water/food available or should I bring my own?

Bring your own reusable water bottle (or there may be one for sale! ). There will be great food and beverage vendors including raw foods/vegetarian/vegan/ vendors with amazing healthy deserts!

How does parking work?

Parking is in designated areas for day passes, overnight camping and RV’s. A nominal parking fee will be requested for each vehicle to “green the event” which will be greatly discounted or free for those who carpool (3 or more people).

Is there security at the event?

Yes, we have our own 24/7 security team at the gathering as well as a professional security company on-site as our permit requires. However, you are still responsible for securing you own camping areas and we cannot be held responsible for any losses in those areas.

The Evolution of Mystic Garden

This new Gathering of the Tribes mission is to foster a healthier, more vibrant community, as well as a forum for advocating and promoting evolutionary culture. This new project stems from the former Mystic Garden Party which was designed more as a ʻfestivalʻ event. Last year was the 5th annual Mystic Garden summer festival/gathering event and our first year at our new home Lake Selmac in Southern Oregon. The year before, we had challenges when the county (where we had tried moving the event to) had forced us to change the venue location at the last minute after previously giving us the go-ahead. This resulted in a great loss of ticket sales and some challenging situations for many of us. We’ve been working hard to slowly recover, keep it going while making some payments toward debt and building a more sustainable gathering model. We are committed to learning from past events and all of the feed back we have received, and have been actively implementing new management systems and practices, including involving over a dozen new owners and collaborators. We are committed to learning, growing, and evolving as we chart a new direction, building on the strengths of things done well, while re-visioning and improving what didn’t work. Part of our vision finally being realized is the implementation of more of a “Cooperative structure” where more people who help support this project in various ways (including time and skills) can earn profit-sharing. We hope you will give us feedback, join us & co-create a more sustainable thriving culture-shifting festival gathering.

Production Team with key Advisers/Consultants

To steward with as much experience and wisdom as possible, Mystic Garden has assembled an All-Star Team lending experience and guidance plotting the best course. The team is diverse, experienced and participating in various ways including those contributing help with **Promotion and/or Consulting/advisory/Visionary Council capacities and those involved with the actual production of the event. The team includes over 17 event organizers including:

David Claytor, Shanti Marshalla, Martin Tickle/Dragonfly, **Chris Decker, **Andy Fuso, **Debra Giusti, Phil Lindsey, **Samantha Sweetwater, **Dr. Joe Marshalla, **Grael Corsini, Sooz, Greg B, Matt L, Heather Hill, Carrie Cross, Paul Andrews, Kennedy Carr, Gisselle Bisson, Sharanam, and many others.

Each of these dynamic creative and experienced individuals are supporting Mystic Garden in it’s evolution which includes the implementation of a system with checks & balances which include 3 main Management Structures:

The Visionary Council

The Board of Directors

The Production Team

Greening the Gathering & ZERO WASTE

At previous events we have recycled our waste, encouraged water bottle usage instead of plastic, and so forth. This year we are endeavoring to do much more to make our event as close to a ZERO WASTE event as possible. We encourage you to bring your own water bottle, even reusable plates and utensils if at all possible.  We are planning to reduce our footprint this year and be a living example of how we can walk more lightly on the Earth.

Many thanks to Josephine County Master Recyclers for assisting us with recycling tips at the event this year and the Jackson County SMART Business Program.

What Not to Bring


There is no selling of beer or alcohol at the gathering and we highly discourage its use. If you have a beer or glass of wine in your tent and are not “walking around with a beer in your hand,” you could probably drink unnoticed, however we highly discourage any intoxication and drunkenness. Our event is endeavoring to encourage us all to find lifestyle choices leading to a joyful life without the need of intoxicants to feel ‘high’ but rather to get ‘high on life’ with yoga, music, breathing, ecstatic dance and so forth.


We discourage the use of drugs of any kind except those prescribed by a doctor.


There are no dogs or animals permitted at the event.


We are now accepting volunteer applications for this year. We ask our volunteers to do 3 shifts of 4 hours for a total of 12 hours for a free Weekend Camping Pass. More information will be posted soon about our 2012 volunteer program. To request consideration for volunteering, click here.

A chance to honor & come through

Another important mission again this year is that we are endeavoring to raise as much funds as possible to be able to take care of those who were not fully paid at the summer 2010 Mystic Garden Party event. That year the county had given us the go ahead to produce that year’s festival event at a certain site in which a smaller festival had been produced for 7 years in a row. Then, we were shocked that just days before the event we were told they changed their minds and we could not have our event there and we’d be arrested if we continued organizing for our festival/gathering on that site. Thus a huge loss happened in large part because of that. We almost challenged the county based on our belief that we have a right to freedom of assembly. Regardless, it has been challenging just to keep the festival from cancelling as other festival events have this year which would give little to no hope in taking care of any debt at all. However, we have managed to stay afloat, make some payments toward that debt, and do look forward to continuing that progress with larger payments to be able to fully honor all past agreements regardless of those circumstances. All new owners have agreed that a percentage of ticket sales and profits from the event will go toward paying debt. Together we can raise abundance, take care of everyone, become sustainable,  and continue to offer a transformational festival gathering experience that attendees have found inspiring and empowering.

More Info

Please see the other pages under the “Info” menu for more details. If none of this information has answered your questions feel free to email with your question

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