Alan Pratt’s

BIO:  In 1996, psychics began telling Amyon (Alan Pratt) that he would ‘heal the masses’. Three years ago, at an ayahuasca ceremony, his hand began moving and people started lining up. Since then, Amyon has worked with thousands of people, from Mt. Shasta to the Amazon, from Burning Man to Brooklyn, giving away the gift that Spirit has given to him. Search ‘Alan Pratt healing’ on Youtube, and visit

CLASS DESCRIPTION:  Amyon and fellow healers channel the Ascended Masters, delivering a powerful energy transmission. We then engage our psychic abilities, using Amyon as the primary channel, to ask questions of Spirit. We close with a circle, holding hands and toning. This work removes trauma, blocks and negative programming, and brings in light frequencies of Love, to activate our dormant DNA strands and unleash our highest abilities. Connect with your spirit guides, transport to other timelines, experience shamanic release & more.

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